Teaching Statement – Impressing Potential Employers

A teaching statement is an important part of every teacher’s resume. It helps an individual communicate their abilities and experiences to potential employers and help them develop a clear philosophy regarding their approach to teaching. In order to write such a statement, an individual must organize their thoughts regarding teaching and put them into a clear summarization. Developing a good teaching statement should start with writing down all the ideas that a teacher has regarding how and why they teach as well as what attracted them to the profession in the first place. These should then be organized into a few important groups such as goals, values and beliefs, methods or tools and goals.

As with any other important composition, it is a good idea to start out with a rough draft so that all the information can be organized into flowing logical sections. It may be easy for an individual to end up with several pages once they have finished their rough draft. These should be condensed into only one or two pages. The statement should include information supporting the individual’s methodology of teaching. It is also a good idea to consider what kind of information a potential employer may want to know.

Including things such as the particular style that a teacher uses, any educational practices or beliefs, and one’s personal views regarding the most effective type of learning environment should all be included in a teaching statement. This is also a good time to include a little bit of information regarding an individual’s passion and energy for the profession. This is also no time to skimp on the amount of proofreading being done. The statement should be reread and revised until it is down to about a page. It is not necessary to try and impress the reader with complicated theories, instead, straightforward and concise language will be advantageous.

Any individual applying for a position as a teacher should make absolutely sure that their teaching statement is free of grammatical and spelling errors. It should be a professional and readable bit of information regarding the individual. There is also no harm in letting a little bit of the individual’s personality show through in the document. Adding a brief anecdote or accounting an important moment can add a personal touch to the statement. The document that the potential teacher should have in his or her hand in the end should be informative and readable.

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