Teaching with Technology – Embracing the Modern World

Every aspect of the modern world is becoming more dependent on technology each and every day. This makes incorporating technology into the lessons taught in the classroom not only a good idea but it absolutely necessary one. A teacher does not have to be an expert in computers in order to teach with technology. In fact, most textbooks come with links to websites with additional information. The teacher’s addition of most textbooks will also include a list of outside resources. This can help a teacher to develop multimedia presentations or come up with assignments that require additional online research.

While many teachers may scoff at the idea of turning to younger and more inexperienced teachers for advice, these individuals are likely to have a few fresh ideas when it comes to utilizing modern technology. In addition, the director of the school’s computer lab may have a few helpful suggestions. Teachers in different departments may be using material or technology that can be put to use in other areas of the school as well. The Internet brings with it a wealth of information at the fingertips of every individual and resources like this can make a powerful addition to any teacher’s curriculum.

Since just about every household has a computer, another way to utilize technology is to assign projects that require a student to use the computer that they have at home or at the library. This may include requiring students to develop a slideshow presentation or including graphs or spreadsheets into their completed assignments. Programs that most students have access to can be very useful when it comes to classes like mathematics. Most math teachers are not likely to encourage their students to use the computer to solve math problems, but requiring their students to present the material by using a program like Excel may be a good way to utilize technology.

Teaching with technology may also require that a teacher refresh their own skills. Most teachers are accustomed to consistently trying to improve their abilities and further their own education. Taking a few computer classes and spending some time with the programs that the students are expected to use can do a great deal to help a teacher brush up on their own abilities. An important thing to consider when using some of the technology available is to avoid becoming over dependent on it. It is all too easy to rely on software to do the teaching instead.

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